About me

I wish to awaken souls and set spirits free in an everyday life based on worthiness, ability and vocation in ones life 


by Jacqueline Albers Thomasen


The sanskrit word Yogyatā can be translated into "worthiness", "ability" or "vocation". These are all aspects of my own practise, and the practices I offer. I wish to awaken souls and set spirit free in an everyday life based on worthiness, ability and vocation in ones life. On this path I invite students and clients to not just connect to the light from the sun on the surface, but also to befriend the darkness and shadows from the depth of our being.

I have a wide background based on university studies, teacher trainings, workshops and online studies. I hold a Master degree in Psychology, and I am a Rasa Yoga lead trainer.

I offer regular yoga classes, teacher trainings, immersions, workshops, retreats and specially designed events. As a teacher I am known to hold space in a heartfelt, grounded, fun and challenging way.

I enjoy sharing all aspects of yoga based on Tantrik philosophy, to support connection to the amazing powers of our being in Life. In my teachings you can experience fierce and playful - as well as sweet, soothing and grounding asana practises, all of that spiced up with powers of chanting, meditation, mudras, myths and contemplation.

As a pshychological consulantant I offer 1:1 session in danish and english, and different courses in collaboration with Djøf (Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists), where I combine my background i pshycology with the wisdom of yoga.

My studies as a yoga teacher counts:

  • 300 hrs Rasa Yoga Teacher Training w. Sianna Sherman
  • 200 hrs Basic Rasa Yoga teacher training w. Sianna Sherman
  • 100 hrs Anusara Yoga Immersion w. Sianna Sherman
  • 30 hrs Teacher Enhanchement Module w. Elena Brower
  • 200 hrs Teacher Traning w. Hamsa Yogastudio
  • Death and Karma - 7 days retreat studies w. Sally Kempton
  • The Recognition Sutras w. Christopher Wallis 
  • 40 Days Awakening Challenge w. Christopher 
  • Spanda Karikas - 5 days retreat studies w. Sally Kempton

I have also attended several different yoga teacher workshops, and have studied Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zin.

Yogyatā v. Jacqueline Albers Thomasen

Colbjørnsensgade 34. 3.tv.

1652 København V


Tel: +45 51927870

E-mail: jacqueline@yogyata.dk