Rasa Yoga


by Jacqueline Albers Thomasen

In 2015 I answered a callling from deep within, and embarked on a journey with my beloved teacher Sianne Sherman on her first offering of a Rasa Yoga Teachertraining. I had studied Anusara Yoga with Sianna, and there was no doubt in my heart to follow, when she founded her own school of Rasa Yoga. And what a journey it has been! This hollistic approach to yoga and the honoring af the lineages of the tradition has really been a blessing to me and to my students. A TRUE JOURNEY TO THE SELF!

Just look at my face when the day I recieved my 300 hours advanced Rasa Yoga Teacher Training diploma....

Today I´m so proud to be one of the few International Rasa Lead Teachers, and are deeply honored to be able to share these profound teachings through the 200 Rasa Yoga teachertraining, a 100 hour Rasa yoga Immersion, workshops, retreats and in my regular classes.

You can read more about Sianna Sherman and Rasa Yoga on her webpage, and meet her in person in Copenhagen  when  I and my "Rasa yoga sister" Hrönn are hosting her August 2021

About Rasa Yoga

Rasa means "juice, taste, flavour" and is that which brings juicyness and flavour to Life. In Rasa yoga we learn to say a radical big YES to everything in Life, and to embrac everything this Life has to offer with love, gratitude, strength, humor and the couragious heart of the spiritual warrior.

Yoga weaves together asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation and chanting… along with tantra, shadow work, ritual, and a deep reverence for nature.

It honors the many traditions and lineages of yoga, while awakening your authentic creativity as an individual in the modern world.

It is a heartfelt synthesis of yoga created by Sianna Sherman from her 30 years of dedication as a yogini and Tantric practitioner, and more than 25 years of teaching. Our approach is anchored in a deep understanding of the body and movement therapy – yet it goes far beyond teaching skills and poses alone. It is my experience that Rasa Yoga is skillfull actions and practices to understand your Self, connecting to your Self, and to find you path to be at the highest service for your self and the World in this Lifetime.